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Instruction for Kingdom Living


An honest look at our culture and society, will inevitably highlight a landscape of broken families and broken hearts.  Oh yes, we have learned to craft beautiful edifices all affirmed with bright, superficial smiles, but the inner life of man can be summed up in one word: BROKEN.


However, there is HOPE! It is written in scripture that the Lord God will one day send a man to “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers.” We have a very real problem today. The family has been decimated.  Brothers betray their sisters and sisters their brothers, truly a man’s foes are found within his own home. 


In the midst of this crisis we call for RECONCILIATION. We know that our generation has been brought up to be selfish and self-seeking, but we endeavor to a higher calling, to love the neighbor as our self. To that end we ask YOU to be RECONCILED TO GOD. We understand that there exists no other love but the LOVE OF GOD. Therefore, to truly be reconciled to our brothers and sisters, we must first be reconciled to our Father in Heaven.


Hurting people are hurting people, and we all know that in our hurt, we have hurt others, so we beseech you to come and discover the healing that is borne of God alone that you may in turn be able to love with a heart that is WHOLE.


Come, be healed, be reconciled one to Another.



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